On his way home from battle, Brave Macbeth meets the witches who tell him that he will become king. Now he quite likes that idea and so does his wife, the rather scary Lady Macbeth. She tries to persuade him that the quickest way to make the prophecy come true is to kill King Duncan and take his crown but Macbeth fears there are too many good guys in the story who will stand in his way.


This light-hearted adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy comes with catchy songs and jokes a-plenty but it remains true to the story and language of the original.



Hamlet is not happy: his father has died, nobody has cried and his uncle has married his mum!  He is visited by his father’s ghost who tells him the truth about his death and Hamlet is determined to get revenge – or is he?  He can’t quite make up his mind what to do.


With power ballads, show-stoppers, comedy duos and lots of dead bodies, this is Hamlet’s story – it’s very very gory but great entertainment for all the family.



The Capulets and the Montagues hate each other but Romeo has something else on his mind. He’s in love – first with Rosaline and then with Juliet! Juliet is spoilt, loud and rude but he doesn’t care because she’s pretty. The romantic couple are now set on the path to their tragic deaths.


The masked ball, the balcony scene, the saucy nurse, Mercutio’s death, the friar’s cunning plan and the tragic death scene in the tomb are all included in this hilarious adaptation with catchy songs, jokes and slap-stick comedy.

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